What is Your Emotional Identity?

Our emotions change throughout the day going up and down like the stock market. And they can shift instantaneously. Imagine for a moment, walking happily across the room and suddenly stubbing your toe. Your energy plummets instantly. Your perceptual lens immediately closes down and your focus goes directly to the pain.

It’s possible to experience a wide range of emotions even in a short period of time. You can go from being happy to feeling sad, anger, fear, etc. depending on what’s happening around you and the way you process the information. A person’s emotional “identity” stems from their consciousness, their internal belief system. That belief system is developed over a lifetime of experiences.

There are seven core emotions or “identities” on the Energetic Self Perception Chart developed by Dr. Bruce Schneider, and each is tied to a conscious belief.

  • Level 1 – Apathy – Victim
  • Level 2 – Anger – Conflict
  • Level 3 – Forgiveness – Responsibility
  • Level 4 – Compassion – Concern
  • Level 5 – Peace – Reconciliation
  • Level 6 – Joy – Synthesis
  • Level 7 – Absolute Passion – Non-judgment

Where you reside on this chart affects every aspect of your life.

For example, if you are resonating at a level 1 frequency and feeling like a victim, then you see no use in trying because you believe you will not succeed. You may believe that you are not worthy of success. The action associated with this core energy is “apathy” and the associated thought is, “I’ll lose so why bother trying?” A person at this level remains stuck in life. You probably know someone like this. They are actively disengaged. Sadly, a person can live their entire life at this level despite the love and support of family and friends. What is of even greater concern is that living in the low energy levels causes a release of damaging hormones breakdown the immune system and leaving you vulnerable to chronic health conditions. And it can accelerate aging. When you are resonating at the higher levels of energy, life is more fulfilling – good things happen and life becomes more fun and exciting! The immune system gets a boost and the aging process slows down.

You are not stuck. With some work, your emotional identity can be changed. It is not necessary to live life stuck in a low level of energy. The first step is to identify your levels. What is your energy frequency – your emotional identity? An easy way to tell is to look at what you attracting into your life. If your life is less than you hoped it could be and you’re not sure why or what to do about it, then contact me to learn more or to schedule your Energy Assessment. Start managing your energy today!

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

–Unknown (attributed to Einstein)

Teresa Bruni

Teresa Bruni, The Healer - Assisting individuals in healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually through discovering and dissolving fear, grief, trauma, heartache, and pain.