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How Bruce Lipton met Rob Williams


Rob Williams Explains Why PSYCH-K Works


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The Evolution of Consciousness


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Dr. Bruce Lipton Explains How We Are Programmed At Birth


Rob Williams - Personal History and Philosophy of PSYCH-K®


PSYCH-K® Welcome to the Evolution of Health Care!


Bruce Lipton shares his experience with PSYCH-K®


“Could it be that all the mysterious secrets of your past, your science, your health, and the ability to regenerate youth… is already known? The answer is yes, and this lives inside you in a very sacred place. This place is starting to be revealed within the New Human. You are in the right place at the right time Old Soul, and worthy to receive all of it!”

— Kryon / Lee Carroll

I had a great PSYCH-K session with Teresa that focused on personal relationships. I felt a positive shift during our session and left feeling lighter. It was put to the test the next day when I visited family. There was a subtle but profound change in a relationship that was often difficult. It was softer and tenderer. I am very grateful for this positive change!

— Flynne Meares

I had a private session with Teresa last week and was shocked at the outcome. The sense of calmness in my daily life has been a blessing! I can’t wait to do it again.

— Suzann Beddingfield

Upon my first session with Teresa, I was a little skeptical on whether or not the PSYCH-K process really worked but after having gone through it, I was really happy with the entire experience. What I experienced was a sort of shift that's hard to communicate with words, but nonetheless, I felt “at ease” with things that used to create stress for me. Teresa is the kind of coach that goes above and beyond for results. I really appreciate the fact that I found her.

— Michael Ibrahim

I loved my Psych-K session with you, Teresa! It was relaxing to do it from my home here in New Jersey and you in North Carolina. In a short period of time, we targeted something very specific for me and I've been managing it ever since. Your passion for this work and your compassion created a safe, creative experience for me.

— Teresa D'Angelo

For more information on the neuroscience research about the Whole-Brain State, please visit the PSYCH-K® International website by clicking here.