Preferred Practitioners

Inner Smile YogaInner Smile Yoga
Teresa Owen

Teresa Owen, E-RYT200, YCEP, C-IAYT, founded Inner Smile Yoga in 2005, to fill a void for those students intimidated or fearful of the growing large studio and fast-paced yoga scene. She is certified in yoga, yoga therapy, and as a continuing education provider. She offers both public and private classes, workshops, and retreats in Marin County and Atlanta, Georgia, and online via Zoom.

Tammy Goen

Lifescape Wellness
Tammy Goen

Tammy is a happiness and self-love coach and energy healer for Highly Sensitive People (HSP). She helps HSPs increase awareness about their gift, develop coping strategies, and learn how to turn sensitivities into their Super Power; to be understood, to be themselves, and to be at peace.

Michael Mathieu

Your Guide to Vibrant Health
Michael Mathieu

Michael practices long-distance bodywork and health coaching. He specializes in recovery from physical traumas such as accidents, injuries, & surgeries. His health coaching focuses on deep healing utilizing low oxalate, ketogenic, and carnivore diets. Sometimes, these two modalities combined can move someone from a deeply stuck place.

Shelia Menard, CHt Shelia Menard, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, CHt

Shelia Menard, CHt, QHHT, BQH.

Quantum healing hypnosis is a safe, deep, and relaxing healing modality that gently takes you to a deep level of hypnosis. This state of trance holds the space to allow you to visit past or current lives as well as connect to your higher self, an all-knowing, loving divine part of you. Through this connection, your higher self can reveal wisdom and insights about your life and how to heal.