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{An} Unsinkable Soul: From Fear to Fabulous

{An} Unsinkable Soul: From Fear to Fabulous

"Nobody ever said life would be easy," pertains to everyone at some point. For some struggle becomes their life story due to a sense of powerlessness in overcoming any number of hardships. Maybe it was growing up dirt poor or an alcoholic parent that withheld affection. Maybe it was an abusive teacher, coach, or sibling. Perhaps it was playground bullying or something as terrifying as rape or incest. Any number of things can hold a person back.

For others, it is all about John Lennon’s famous quote: “life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” Life is just fine and then an event such as the death of a loved one, divorce, or chronic illness abruptly changes everything and brings the participants to their knees. {An}Unsinkable Soul is a collection of chapters from 22 inspiring authors that have overcome some of life’s greatest challenges. Each story is about summoning inner strength and regaining power. These stories offer a road map of hope for the reader to move forward through their own problems, even those that seem insurmountable.

One constant in life is that if you wait long enough things will change. Life will get better. It always does if you allow it. However, inner strength must be summoned in order to get through that toughest first step. People uncover that strength in a multitude of ways, including reading and finding hope in the stories of those who have gone through similar circumstances allowing them to no longer feeling alone and isolated.

Teresa Bruni, Founder of Less Fear, More Flow is no stranger to the feelings of fear and hopelessness. Her story highlights her experience of overcoming nearly a decade of chronic illness, which led her to realize there are no limits in life. Discovering her purpose in the process of her recovery, her mission became clear; teaching others how to identify and remove the fears blocking their success; effectively clicking off their autopilot and living on purpose. With her master practitioner certification in conscious energy and certification in life coaching, she teaches clients to use tools that allow flow and healing love to enter their lives; peeling back the layers of their lives as if peeling an onion in order to return to their authentic inner self.

Teresa welcomes the opportunity to speak about the experience her life has provided and is committed to responding to every contact.

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The Nurses' Pocket Guide: Stress Relief Techniques for Use at Work and HomeThe Nurses' Pocket Guide: Stress Relief Techniques for Use at Work and Home

This pocket guide is one component of the three-part program, “Caring for the Mind, Body, and Soul,” sponsored by The Foundation of FirstHealth’s Nursing Enrichment Program.

The program is designed specifically for nurses and other healthcare professionals, to help them manage the stress created by the intense, high-pressure work they perform. This book intends to provide stress release techniques that are easy to use at home and work. And, by learning about the application of energy therapies, nurses and other healthcare professionals can effectively reduce their stress by focusing on improved self-care resulting in improved health and wellbeing. As a bonus to doing these techniques, the care these professionals provide to their patients, staff, and families will also improve.

It is my honor to present this work. – Teresa Bruni, CPC, ELI-MP

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