Being an outlier has nothing to do with formal education nor other conventionally earned designations or certifications. Outliers are not born out of social status or heritage, yet they can, and usually do, radically alter the structure of the norm in society. Outliers are most commonly recognized for bringing a fresh, new vision to the standard way of viewing, thinking about, and living life. An outlier often provides astounding answers to the world’s biggest problems and questions. They are incredibly inspiring and motivating, but may also be considered as a threat to social and religious leaders. True outliers welcome this challenge and sometimes live for it. A refined, experienced, and confident outlier brings about change to almost everything they touch. They tend to be fearless in the face of challenge as it has become a way of life for them to overcome obstacles.

That which seems the height of absurdity in one generation often becomes the height of wisdom in another.
— John Stuart Mill (1806–73)

Outliers thrive on providing a unique point of view, transcending the noise, and bringing a fresh perspective to the collective consciousness of an evolving society. An outlier will transform your perception of the world around you by uniquely inspiring you to challenge your beliefs, values, and goals. By changing your understanding of the world around you, an outlier can expand your vision, allowing you to see opportunities you wouldn’t have seen before. An outlier continually asks, “Is there a better way?” and the answer is almost always, “Yes!” They are generally entrepreneurial spirited and tend to consider themselves innovators and idealists. Outliers are connected to transformation in virtually every area of society because they are inclined to change course when everyone else is going the same old way. They literally uproot and reinvent conventional standards. Outliers shake things up and they absolutely love doing it.

Throughout my life, I have almost always taken a different path – a path often unseen by most. The world and its opportunities have always appeared differently through my eyes. Even at a very young age, I recall recognizing the absurdity of what I was being taught in school. It didn’t make sense, and I questioned it.

I always recognize and welcome new and unique approaches to most things in life. I am naturally prone to challenging traditional thought, which often results in rejection and dismissal from those who feel they are in charge. But a genuine, compassionate outlier like myself uses social and authoritarian rejection as fuel to stay motivated and inspired. This allows me to facilitate highly valuable client sessions that provide superior results when compared to many conventional approaches. My intuitive connection to the world around me keeps me grounded while on my journey.

For over 30 years, on my journey as an outlier, I have been sought after to find solutions and to problem solve in both my corporate career and in my profession as a Life Transformation Master Practitioner. Generally, my clients begin their journey of self-improvement when they let go of limiting beliefs that are inhibiting their ability to create real change in their lives.

Are you interested in discovering the patterns that are restricting your ability to create true abundance in your life? If you answered yes, then let’s get started! Schedule a complimentary Discovery Session with me now. Let’s find out what’s possible for you!

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