List of Available Frequencies

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369Hz Manifestation Frequency MA

Known as Nicola Tesla’s secret code, 369Hz is also called the Miracle Frequency. If you are a follower of The Law Of Attraction, you will find this frequency ideal. There are many books which can support you with this. I recommend Project 369, The Key to the Universe.

This frequency will run daily for one hour for 30 days.

The investment is $295.00

Auto-Immune Support

This program contains the databases of frequencies for Immune Stabilization and Inflammation generally and in the joints.

This frequency will run daily for one hour for 30 days.

The investment is $295.00

Confidence + Trust

This is a beautiful set of frequencies for restoring faith in yourself and in Life itself and confidence to achieve your heart’s desires.

This frequency will run daily for 91-minutes for 30 days.

The investment is $295.00

**Immune Support

This program is intended as a compliment to COVID treatment.

This program contains the top ten ETDFL RIFE Frequencies for CVid 19, the frequencies for Ivermectin, Vitamins D&C, Selenium, Zinc, and a 6-remedy Homeopathic combination, Lung Support, Hypoxia, Immune System stabilization, and the ETDFL frequencies for ANOSMIA (lack of smell). It also contains the FSM frequency for normalizing Histamine levels. It also includes frequencies to ease coughing.

This frequency will run daily for 148-minutes for 30 days.

The investment is $295.00

Macular Health with Cataract Support

This program contains all of the Gold Frequencies, Healing Frequencies, and ETDFL RIFE Frequencies for Macular Health, Visual Acuity, and Cataracts.

This frequency will run daily for 103-minutes for 30 days.

The investment is $295.00

Self Love

This is a perfect compliment to Attracting Abundance and Manifesting Miracles - because this 136-minute Self Love program helps to dig out and release all sense of unworthiness and bring in the frequency of joy, confidence, and love into every cell of the body.

This frequency will run daily for one hour for 30 days.

The investment is $295.00

Trauma Cleared

This program contains frequency databases for clearing trauma from the body and cellular memory and restoring emotional balance and joy. It also includes the top 10 ETDFL RIFE Frequencies for PTSD.

This frequency will run daily for 104-minutes for 30 days.

The investment is $295.00

**VAX - Detox Vax

Are you concerned about vaccine side effects? If yes, then this program is for you.

This program is designed to optimize the body’s ability to detox efficiently by supporting the liver, lymphatics, lungs, and circulation. It includes frequencies to help stabilize the immune system function and assist detox, generally including metals, RNA Integrity, DNA Integrity + Repair, the Solfeggio frequency 741 Hz, known for its supportive role in detoxing, and the Homeopathic Nosode of all 4 recent vaccines. Use once daily for 10 days in conjunction with the Gold Cycle PURE program.

This frequency will run for 104-minutes daily for 10 days, and then weekly for the next five weeks.

The investment is $295.00

Weight - Perfect Weight

This program focuses on hormonal balance, adrenal and thyroid balance, liver optimization, fat breakdown, energy and vitality, HGH (human growth hormone), Serotonin production, addiction, and clearing emotional ties to symptoms. In addition, it contains the individual frequencies 10.5Hz (mind over matter/love of self), 7.83 Hz (cell metabolism), 698 Hz (feeling loved), 80Hz (weight regulation), and 417Hz, which helps to clear trauma and facilitate change.

This frequency will run daily for 120-minutes for 30 days.

The investment is $295.00

Arthritis - Joint Ease

This program contains the Gold Frequencies for Arthritis, Rheumatism, and Joint Inflammation and the new top 10 RIFE frequencies for Arthritis and Rheumatism, and our many frequencies for Joint Pain.

This frequency will run daily for 100-minutes for 30 days.

The investment is $295.00

Attracting Abundance

This program contains 15 powerful Abundance-manifesting frequencies running in succession for 2-3 mins each and includes frequencies to clear emotional issues and karmic patterns around money and self-worth and finally, frequencies to heal the Root chakra that we can feel safe and evolve beyond survival mechanisms.

This frequency will run daily for 91-minutes for 30 days.

The investment is $295.00

Chronic Fatigue Gone

This program is designed to support the body in regaining the energy and clarity lost due to chronic fatigue. It helps address the emotional issues underlying this condition while delivering a series of frequencies for CF, including the top 10 ETDFL RIFE frequencies for Chronic Fatigue and frequencies to normalize adrenal function.

This frequency will run daily for 145-minutes for two weeks.

The investment is $295.00

(Additional [GOLD] frequencies may be necessary if you believe that you still have toxicity in your system due to pathogens or environmental toxins.)

Soothe Grief

This program contains the frequency databases for clearing emotional shock and trauma and restoring calm, peace, and the feeling of being loved.

This frequency will run daily for 100-minutes for 30 days.

The investment is $295.00

Overcoming Addiction

This program contains frequencies for Addiction, including Bob Beck, Ph.D., frequencies- 110, 111, and 112Hz. The program also includes the 396Hz frequency, which has the ability to cleanse guilt and fear, enabling us to achieve goals and to help ground, center, and re-stabilize. The program also delivers frequencies to neutralize emotional issues that link to dis-ease, frequencies for those brain areas involved in the cycle of addiction plus Serotonin and GABA, a set of frequencies to open the heart to love, and finally, a set of frequencies to bring you Joy. And finally, the program contains the top 20 ETDFL frequencies for drug and alcohol addiction.

This frequency will run daily for 147-minutes over the course of 30 days. Additional months may be required for complete resolution and ongoing support.

The investment is $295.00

Pineal Gland Stimulation + Grounding

Often referred to as the seat of the Soul and the doorway to God, the Pineal gland can become blocked, leading to a lack of full awareness of our spiritual identity and confusion about our true purpose in this life. This set of frequencies aims to stimulate pineal gland function and to clear it of energetic debris that may have built up.

It is very important to balance connection with the higher dimensions with connection with the earth. If we do not keep ourselves grounded, we can become spacey and unable to be fully present to and engaged with the ordinary everyday beauty that surrounds us. For this reason, frequencies for the Root chakra, Earth Resonance, and Grounding have been added.

This frequency will run daily for 93-minutes for 30 days.

The investment is $295.00

**Post Viral Fatigue

This program is intended to complement healing "after" COVID treatment when the body remains weak.

This 90-minute program contains the Gold and ETDFL frequency databases for Post Viral Fatigue to increase energy and clear trauma from the body. It also includes the Gold frequency databases to normalize the function of the Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Thyroid, and Adrenal glands. These often go out of balance during times of great stress such as acute infection, resulting in a result in low energy and even hair loss.

This frequency will run daily for 90-minutes for 30 days.

The investment is $295.00

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If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

— Nikola Tesla


Science and orthodox medicine do not accept the existence of information fields, their possible medical or other relevance, the Healy and TimeWaver systems, and their applications due to a lack of scientific proof in accordance with orthodox medicine standards. Because of this, Healy and TimeWaver are medical certified products for the treatment only of chronic pain, skeletal pain, and migraine and for the supportive treatment of mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and associated sleep disorders only. Frequency therapy is complementary and supportive and does not replace medical advice.