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Actively Disengaged

What Does It Mean to Be Actively Disengaged?

By Teresa Bruni / December 18, 2019

It was a typical day for Nancy. She was stuck in traffic on her drive home following a long day of teaching high school. Her schedule was still full. She had three children to feed and help with their homework. Then she needed to put in a few hours at her second job, proofreading for…

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Think Outside the Box

How Do Outliers Influence The World?

By Teresa Bruni / November 25, 2019

Being an outlier has nothing to do with formal education nor other conventionally earned designations or certifications. Outliers are not born out of social status or heritage, yet they can and usually do radically alter the structure of the norm in society. Outliers are most commonly recognized for bringing a fresh, new vision to the…

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Adding Super Power to Your Prayers

Adding Super Power to Your Prayers

By Teresa Bruni / November 7, 2019

Have you ever wanted something so much that you prayed and prayed like a child pleading to a parent for a new toy? I know I have. Being raised as a Catholic, I was taught to pray early on in life. I attended Catholic grade school where every school day began with prayer and the…

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What is Your Emotional Identity?

By Teresa Bruni / May 21, 2013

Our emotions change throughout the day going up and down like the stock market. And they can shift instantaneously. Imagine for a moment, walking happily across the room and suddenly stubbing your toe. Your energy plummets instantly. Your perceptual lens immediately closes down and your focus goes directly to the pain. It’s possible to experience…

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